Scholarship Information

We encourage you to complete these scholarships as soon as possible and return to the Counseling Department as we must also provide information for your application to be complete.  


Most of the scholarships presented at Senior Night are community/local scholarships. Applications for those will be available in the Spring semester. You should also look online for the various universities/colleges you are interested in. MANY SCHOOLS HAVE EARLY DEADLINES FOR ADMISSION/SCHOLARSHIPS. You need to check the schools you are interested in to make sure you are meeting the deadlines. After you have applied to your chosen schools, you need to come to the Counseling Department and request to have your transcript sent.


The Counseling Department can help you complete scholarship information, but it is up to you to know which scholarships you qualify for. You can look online for many different scholarships. It is often difficult to tell which ones are legit, and a lot of online scholarships are nationwide making competition fierce. We can help you by sending transcripts to these. We will also write recommendation letters after you supply us with a Resume or completed Student Brag form. For most scholarships, teacher recommendation letters are preferred because they actually interact with your coursework. Only you can complete the applications!


Also, if you have not taken the ACT, you need to do so!! The ACT is a state graduation requirement. So you must take it at least once to graduate, but are encouraged to take it as many times as needed. Colleges and Scholarships will look at the highest ACT score that you make. So taking it multiple times will increase your chance of raising your score. 


Please remember to begin filling out applications to schools you are interested in. Each college or university has their own scholarship application and admission application. You will have to complete those. Due to privacy issues and online applications, colleges will not let us put the information in for you. We will be happy to answer any questions you have or provide information you may need


Here are some things that you should be doing right now:
• Go on college visits. 
• Visit for information about career, college, and financial aid resources in your state. 
• Mark your calendar with registration, admissions, and financial aid deadlines and fees. 
• Determine if the schools that interest you have online admission applications. If not, request them by mail now. 
• Meet with school representatives who visit your high school. 
• Look at virtual tours of college campuses online. 
• If you haven't taken the SAT and/or ACT, register for the test(s). 
• Attend college planning and/or financial aid information nights and college fairs. 
• Ask employers, teachers, and school counselors for letters of recommendation to accompany your admissions applications.


THE HOPE SCHOLARSHIP This is the lottery money scholarship. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA and/or an ACT of 21 to receive the Hope Scholarship from the Tennessee Lottery Foundation. You will apply for this by filling out the FAFSA online at In order to complete the FAFSA, you will need your parents’ income tax information. 
TENNESSEE PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP: It will provide students a last-dollar scholarship, meaning the scholarship will cover tuition and fees not covered by the Pell grant, the HOPE scholarship, or TSAA funds. Students may use the scholarship at any of the state’s 13 community colleges, 27 colleges of applied technology, or other eligible institution offering an associate’s degree program. While removing the financial burden is key, a critical component of Tennessee Promise is the individual guidance each participant will receive from a mentor who will assist the student as he or she navigates the college admissions process. In addition, Tennessee Promise participants must complete eight hours of community service per term enrolled, as well as maintain satisfactory academic progress (2.0 GPA) at their institution.

Resource Center: is the online, one-stop college shop where students can plan, prepare, pay and apply for college (also known as a Mentor site). allows students and their parents to create an academic plan, select a postsecondary institution, research financial aid opportunities, apply online and more all in one online location. The primary focus of the site is undergraduate education. However, this system does provide information on graduate education programs. Middle and high school students, in conjunction with their parents, will use to learn more about postsecondary education. The student web portal provides audiences with the ability to take virtual campus tours of public and private Tennessee institutions. Students can create academic plans based on Tennessee high school graduation requirements and their choice colleges’ entrance requirements. Online admissions applications and the FAFSA are pre-populated with student profile information to help streamline the process. Your source for information about financing your college education in the State of Tennessee.


The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility Center will certify the academic and amateur credentials of all college-bound student-athletes who wish to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics. At this site, you’ll find the tools and information you need to begin your college experience. Explore this site to learn more about the NCAA, its athletics divisions, its sports and other information. 

Top Scholarship Databases:

• A searchable database of millions of scholarships worth billions of dollars.
• This award-winning site includes a comprehensive database of scholarships, student financial aid information, advice and tools.
• Browse through 2.7 million free scholarships and grants worth over $19 billion



The Counseling Department will write recommendation letters after you supply us with a Resume or completed Student Brag form. For most scholarships, teacher recommendation letters are preferred because the teachers actually interact with your coursework. Please submit the following form to any staff member that has agreed to complete a recommendation for you