Freshman Academy


Welcome Cat’s Pride Academy Parents and Students.

On behalf of the administration, we would like to welcome you to Sweetwater High School. The academy concept was adopted to help freshman students more easily transition from middle school to high school by decreasing some of the external factors that could affect the way a ninth-grader approaches high school. In a smaller, less intimidating environment, Cat's Pride students feel safe, establish a sense of belonging, and form habits that will help them succeed throughout their high school careers.The academy is set up to help parents make that same transition.  Research shows a decrease in parent/teacher communication once the student enters high school.
The academy's separate building and core faculty encourage continued communication after middle school, thereby uniting parents and teachers in a common goal.
We hope to see all our students succeed.  We invite everyone to take a peek in our windows and see what Cat's Pride is all about... enthusiastic responsibility and commitment to the ninth-grade student at Sweetwater High School.
Frequently Asked Questions: 
  1. Are students completely isolated from the rest of the school?
    We have our own building dedicated to the freshman.  They will be with the entire school before and after school.  All students will be together during pep rallies and other assemblies. Every student still has the opportunity to get involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities.
  2. Why Sweetwater High School? We are not like bigger schools.
    Sweetwater High has been targeted by the State Department of Ed. for its failure to meet the graduation rate.  Statistics show that the ninth-grade year is critical in relation to graduation. We want our students to get started off on the right foot.  It is true that we are not as big as other schools, but we still have students who are easily intimidated.  We want to make sure every student feels safe and has the same opportunity as the next person to be successful.

  3. Will there be any honors classes offered to freshmen?
    Yes.  We offer multiple Honors courses including English I Honors, Biology I Honors, and Algebra I Honors.

  4. Will students be allowed to take shop classes and/or home ec?
    Yes.  Teachers of these classes will be assigned a classroom in the academy but will take the students to the shop and/or Home Ec. room as needed.

  5. Will students have the same bell schedule as the rest of the school?
    Yes.  The academy will have the same as the entire school.  We will all be on a modified block schedule.  This is also called an A-B schedule.  Modified block is four classes one day and four different classes the next day.  This schedule allows for more remediation.