Awards and Honors

Gold Cards:
An award that symbolizes a student made all A's on their grade card in one semester. The student is accepted in to all school sponsored events free of charge, recieves an independant study day and one gold t-shirt that says Sweetwater Wildcats.
Blue Cards:
An award that symbolizes a student made all A's and B's in a single semester. The student recieves entrance into 5 school sponsored events free of charge, and a blue card t-shirt that says Sweetwater Wildcats and is blue. At the end of the year.
Both cards are based on the second semester of the previous year for semester 1, and the first semester of the current year for semester 2. Freshman will not be eligible for a Blue or Gold Card for their first semester, as they have not previously attended Sweetwater High School for a semester. Grade cards from Sweetwater Junior High School, in the case of new Freshman, will not be used to award a student with a Blue or Gold Card.