Family Engagement Plan

Sweetwater High School believes that the education of today’s youth must be a cooperative venture between parents and educators and that parental involvement contributes significantly to student achievement.  Family engagement will take place through the following:
  • A Family Engagement Policy and Parent/School Compact are developed with staff and parent input.
  • Parents actively participate in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan and parental involvement program.
  • Families read and understand the school’s handbook and policies.
  • Families work with the school staff and teachers to revise the perceptions of the school’s climate.
  • Families attend open House and other parent engagement meetings offered at various times to make suggestions for improvement and create an educational environment that is beneficial to students, educators, administrators, and parents.
  • Families contact teachers with concerns about a child’s grades.
  • Families attend parent teacher conferences to discuss the child’s current grades or behavior.
  • Families contact the school about programs and services offered.
  • Families work with the school to create an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas for the purpose of improving the school.
  • A school newsletter is sent home on a regular basis.
  • A student/parent handbook is provided which includes the Parent/School Compact.
  • Progress reports are sent home to update parents on student achievement and behavior.
  • Parents whose second language is English are provided accommodations as needed.
  • State curriculum guidelines and assessment practices are discussed at parent-teacher conferences or upon parent inquiry or request at any time.
  • Families assist in creating a parent network that facilitates support for parents, students, faculty, and administration.
  • Families attend parent gatherings, special events, and other activities offered by the school.
  • Families respond to school surveys.
  • Parents volunteer to work in the school.
  • Families keep the school informed about contact information when changes occur.
  • School personnel will be educated in the value and utility of the contributions of parents as well as how to facilitate a productive relationship with parents.
  • Open House, registration/orientation, and other parent engagement meetings are held for the purpose of conveying important information.
  • Monthly Parent/Community meetings are held that include students, parents, and community agencies.
  • Parent meetings are held to give parents an opportunity to help in the School Improvement Plan, Family Engagement Plan, and the Parent/School Compact.
  • Parents are recognized at school events such as banquets, graduation, etc.
  • The Parent/School Compact is reviewed/revised at the beginning of the year.
  • The Parent/School Compact is sent home for all parents and students to sign.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer in order to build relationships with teachers and administrators.
  • Parent meetings are planned to address a variety of topics.
  • Helpful parenting tips are included in a newsletter which is sent home with report cards.
Title I information is in the student handbook.