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Tips for New Students

Tips For Making The Transition Easier

Come in with an open mind--try to see your new school as an opportunity instead of a disaster.
Avoid making a negative first impression. Avoid making constant, unfavorable comparisons between this school and your old one. Give us a chance!
Give yourself time to adjust and fit in--there is a lot to learn about a new school and the people in it.
Make new friends--this is probably the most difficult part of being in a new school.

Try These Ideas To Help You Meet Other People At SHS

Reach out--if other students see you standing alone, they probably think you want to be left alone!
Start small--try saying "hello" to one or two new people a day. Ask for directions or ask a question.
If you see someone who is alone, go over and talk to him/her.
Talk to your teachers--they know lots of people and might introduce you to some other students.
Do not take it personally if someone chooses not to carry on a conversation with you. Keep trying.
Do not dwell on your old school and how much better it was!
Make an effort to join school activities. Talk to the sponsor of an organization that sounds interesting and get involved!
Talk to your counselor. He/she may be able to help you through tough times while you're adjusting. Counselors are here to help you adjust to your new situation.
Give yourself time--adjusting to any type of change takes time!

Awards and Honors

Gold Cards:
An award that symbolizes a student made all A's on their grade card in one semester. The student is accepted into all school-sponsored events free of charge, receives an independent study day and one gold t-shirt that says Sweetwater Wildcats.

Blue Cards:
An award that symbolizes a student made all A's and B's in a single semester. The student receives entrance into 5 school-sponsored events free of charge, and a blue card t-shirt that says Sweetwater Wildcats and is blue. At the end of the year.

Both cards are based on the second semester of the previous year for semester 1, and the first semester of the current year for semester 2. Freshmen will not be eligible for a Blue or Gold Card for their first semester, as they have not previously attended Sweetwater High School for a semester. Grade cards from Sweetwater Junior High School, in the case of new Freshman, will not be used to award a student with a Blue or Gold Card.

Guidance Links

Time is running out to apply for an amazing program and we wanted to let you know before the next edition of News You Can Use.

If you know an outstanding senior student-athlete please tell him or her about the Wendy's High School Heisman Program. It's a recognition program that rewards both seniors and their high schools.

Remember it's a win-win for everyone. Students can:

  • Earn recognition for their achievements in the classroom, on the field, and in the community
  • Win money for their school
  • Receive Wendy's gift cards
  • Get valuable tips and advice for continuing their success in college and beyond 
-Students interested in applying to University of Tennessee should create a Vol-in-Progress (VIP) page at  Prospective students will be able to schedule a campus tour, register for admission events and apply for admission and scholarships through the VIP page.
If you are interested in the new University of Tennessee-Pellissippi State Community College Bridge program, visit for more information.
The University of Tennessee and Tennessee Board of Regents systems have collaborated to create 50 pathways guaranteeing timely and cost-effective transitioning from a two to a four-year degree. Visit for more information. for information regarding the TN Education Lottery Scholarship