Continue working on math assignments at
If you need help on assignments, email me at [email protected] and I will help you!  I can either help via email or with a video chat on zoom.  As always, there are also videos built into SAILS to help with the assignments.
SAILS:  Complete all homework assignments, quizzes, and reviews.  Final senior grades have been posted.  In order to get the free college credit you must pass the 5 Test.  Contact me to try to schedule a time to take the test.  As far as your high school grade goes, we have made some adjustments:
70 - 4 Review
75 - 4 Test
80 - 5A Quiz
85 - 5B Quiz
90 - 5C Quiz
95 - 5 Review
100 - 5 Test or further
Dual Enrollment students: Complete all homework assignments.  When you get to a quiz, hand write the statement below and email is to [email protected] and he will unlock the quiz for you to take at home. 
          "I, ______(name), CLEARLY UNDERSTAND correct testing procedures and will follow them on ______ (Module # Quiz / Final Exam)."
Make sure you have at least a 75 on the final exam and at least a 90.0 as your overall grade after submitting the final exam.