During the break

All online math students should continue working on homework assignments at sailsmath.weebly.com
If you need your username, email me.
If you need a calculator I have a free emulator on my website available for download at http://sailsmath.weebly.com/links.html
Open the instructions PDF at the top of the page for detailed instructions on how to install the TI-84 calculator on your computer.
SAILS: You should be working on homeworks, quizzes, and reviews.  Once you reach a test, skip it and begin working on the nest module so that you are ready to take all of the remaining tests when we return.  You must get a 100% on the SAILS completion quiz in order for it to unlock the module 5 homeworks.  If you have any issues, contact me.  You should be finishing at least the 5A Quiz by Friday 3/20.  
Dual Enrollment: Finish all homework assignments so that you are ready to take any remaining quizzes and the final exam when we return.  It will currently allow you to work ahead one module but if you complete all available assignments email me and I will unlock the next module.  Module 10 was supposed to be done by this Friday (3/20) so make sure you have all homework assignements completed to at least 90% by the time we return.  You may go to CSCC to work on assignments or to take quizzes.  Check my twitter (@JoshWalkerSHS) for updates on available times.  Contact me before you go so I can give you more details on what you need to take with you.