Important Information!!! (updated 12/11/23)

We are well into the 2023-2024 school year and we continue working hard to make sure you all get everything you need to help students succeed in their classes and to keep parents up-to-date on what is happening inside and outside the school.  This space is used to post important information, dates, events, deadlines, and more along with links to sources and resources that we hope will be helpful to you all.  You will find updates here whenever they pop up, so we encourage you to check regularly for updates that may occur throughout the week.  As always, we want to take this time to say WELCOME TO SWEETWATER HIGH SCHOOL!!!! GO CATS!!!
1. What's Happening at Sweetwater High School This Week (11/06/23 to 11/10/23) so far!!!!
  • Monday: Semester Exemption forms given to students (due Wednesday)
  • Tuesday: Basketball vs. Meigs Co. (home)
  • Wednesday: Signed Semester Exemption forms due
  • Thursday: Semester Exams (1st, 3rd, & 5th)
  • Friday:
    • Semester Exams (2nd, 4th, & 8th)
    • Basketball vs. Kingston (home - Homecoming Court)
  • Monday-12/18/23: Semester Exams (7th & makeups) 
Use this link to sign for your child's Chromebook.  Once on the site:
     1. It will ask you for their Student ID. (That is the number that - for most new students - starts either 577... or 9100.  If you need this number, click here, fill out the form, and I will get you that information as soon as possible.
     2. Once you enter that number, a green box will appear with your child's name. Click the "here" link at the end of that notice.
     3. Scroll down on the form, check the box, enter your email, your full name, and your full name again, then hit Submit.
If you have any issues signing the form, please contact Bret Jones at [email protected].
What you need to know: Last year our Tech Team was able to help both parents and students gain access to Skyward.  However, that responsibility has been returned to someone at Central Office, so you will need to click on their form.  This can be found in one of three ways:
  1. Click the link above to read about the change and follow the directions.
  2. Go to our website at, click the "Skyward Family Access" box and follow the directions.
  3. Click here and follow the directions.
Please click the link to visit the Guidance page and learn more about the Industry 4.0 Diploma Distinction
5. SHS Athletic Events This Week
 girl runningSports balls SHS Logo
    Tuesday, December 12th: Basketball vs. Meigs Co. at Home (6pm/7:30pm)
    Friday, December 15th: Basketball vs. Kingston at Home (6pm/7:30pm) - Homecoming Court
December 20-January 4 - Winter Break (no school)
January 20 - Winter Formal
January 29-February 2 - Basketball Homecoming Week
March 25-29 - Spring Break (no school)
April 1 - Easter Monday (holiday - no school)
April 5 - SHS Prom
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