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SHS Summer Reading List

This summer, Sweetwater High School teachers have joined with the district to create a summer reading list for students at our school. Students who wish to participate may read a novel during the summer and complete a project to earn extra credit for their upcoming English class. No matter what grade you are moving into, this is a chance to start off the school year well. Although this extra credit opportunity is not required, the English Department wants to encourage all students to participate. If you have questions or concerns, please email Lauren Kyle at kylel@monroek12.org


General Info:

  • Each novel/novella has its own unique project(s).  Please follow the guidelines and project directions for your grade level.
  • Please complete this during the summer and be prepared to deliver projects to your teacher when the school year begins.
  • Students will receive extra credit at the teacher's discretion with guidance from the county.
  • Books can be read online, listened to via audio, or purchased by the student; hard copies can be provided on request after normal school activities are resumed.


You may find free ebooks by clicking on one or both of the following links.


Free ebook resources posted by SHS. 

Resources from SPL.