Learning Opportunities

We have office hours now from 9am to 1pm, but please contact me any time that's convenient for you.
I've switched my page up a little because we've been asked to meet district guidelines on lessons.
Now, when you click on your class's page, there is both a monthly pacing guide and weekly planning calendar.  There are two lessons per week that are made up of at least two activities, a video, and a discussion guide.  If you would like to look back at lessons, discussion guides, videos, and activities for previous weeks, click the weekly learning lessons document at the bottom of each course's page.  
Here is some information about the distance learning opportunities:
  • they will not negatively impact your grade in any way
  • we are unable to provide paper copies at this time
  • I can provide login information for any program you need, just let me know.  
I miss all of  you, and I hope you've been making the most out of this time at home.  School is important, but I hope you've taken time to connect with your families, practice hobbies, and catch up on Netflix.  
Ms. Kyle