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Discussion Question/Video

Please watch the video and send me the answer to your discussion question. 
Discussion Question: Who started World War I?

World War I

For the first lesson of this week, please watch this video and answer this question: In no less than a paragraph, please explain why World War I began. Please send me your response to that question. 

Imperialism Worksheet

As we come to a close on Imperialism, please fill out this worksheet and the list of key terms I will also be posting. The discussion question for this is: What is imperialism? Who did it impact? Was it good or bad? Please answer this question in at least a paragraph, although it may take you longer than that. 

April 20-24

We are still talking about imperialism this week. The video for this lesson is about Asian responses to imperialism. The two documents are a primary source page and then questions that go along with that primary source page. If you have any questions, please let me know!

April 13-17

Good morning, guys. I hope everyone is doing okay! We are still going to be talking about imperialism this week. I am putting two new handouts on the page right after this post for you to read and complete. For our discussion question for this lesson, use the question at the bottom of the Imperialism guided packet and email your answer to me. Be sure to read all the directions carefully! For our video for this lesson, we are taking a look at a review video that also talks about industrialization as well.