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Tips for New Students

Tips For Making The Transition Easier

  • Come in with an open mind--try to see your new school as an opportunity instead of a disaster.
  • Avoid making a negative first impression.  Avoid making constant, unfavorable comparisons between this school and your old one.  Give us a chance!
  • Give yourself time to adjust and fit in--there is a lot to learn about a new school and the people in it.
  • Make new friends--this is probably the most difficult part of being in a new school. 

Try These Ideas To Help You Meet Other People At SHS

  • Reach out--if other students see you standing alone, they probably think you want to be left alone!
  • Start small--try saying "hello" to one or two new people a day.  Ask for directions or ask a question.
  • If you see someone who is alone, go over and talk to him/her.
  • Talk to your teachers--they know lots of people and might introduce you to some other students.
  • Do not take it personally if someone chooses not to carry on a conversation with you.  Keep trying.
  • Do not dwell on your old school and how much better it was!
  • Make an effort to join school activities.  Talk to the sponsor of an organization that sounds interesting and get involved!
  • Talk to your counselor.  He/she may be able to help you through tough times while you're adjusting.  Counselors are here to help you adjust to your new situation.
  • Give yourself time--adjusting to any type of change takes time!